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Happy New Year 2012

Time really flies. It is another year again.
2011 has been good to me with a lot of major decisions made.
Being engaged, bought our first apartment, quit job, collected apartment key, planning wedding,
trip to Hong Kong for photoshoot.

Can’t believe it is getting closer to the big day.
The next four months will be very hectic but fun filled months.

Here are what I have gone through in second half of 2011.
I am so glad that I managed to keep most of my 2011 resolutions.
Hope I can do better in 2012

Back in Action

Hi, I was MIA for 5 months now.
A lot of things have happened within these 5 months.

I was back to Indonesia for 2 months instead of the initial one month plan :p
Can’t have enough of Indo food, quality time with parents and catching up with long lost friends.

Came back to SG for a week then off to Jakarta to attend a friend’s wedding.
It was lovely to witness the special moment of them.

Was in Taiwan for the annual family trip for a week.

Last but not least, I am engaged!!!!!
I am currently busy preparing for the wedding.
Have just confirmed the date, it will be mid of 2012.

That’s all for now. I will blog more about the Taiwan trip and wedding preparation.

My Farewell

I have finally decided to quit my full time job after 5 years working in the same company.
It was a really tough decision.
Have been considering it for a while
and I am glad that I have support from my family and friends.

Had farewell dinner at Aquamarine, Marina Mandarin Hotel last Thursday.

A bit disappointed with the seafood there.
They were not as fresh as those in The Line, Shangri-La Hotel
and Carousel, Royal Plaza.
The oysters were good, though. I am a huge fan of oysters :p

The Sashimi section.
It was ok, but not that fantastic.

The desserts were nice. There are a lot of varieties and durian penget was delicious 🙂

Although I personally prefer the durian paste at Ellenborough Market Cafe at Swissotel.

Chinese New Year 2011

This is a very outdated post when I went back home for CNY.
Miss my parents, my friends and the food there.

Food from our must visit restaurant.
I love love love the white kway teow and the crispy Ee Fu noodles.
Can’t find this type of crispy Ee Fu noodles elsewhere.

Dinner at Jimbaran, a Balinese cuisine restaurant.
We like the ambiance and the food is really good.

CNY eve celebration with my granny, my family and my uncle’s family at Taipan,
a fine dining Chinese restaurant under Tung Lok Group.

Lunch on CNY day at a local restaurant.
We used to visit this restaurant at least once a month when we were young.


Life is Unpredictable

These few days have been a bad and depressing days for me.
Woke up to bad news for three days in a row.
A friend met with an accident, a relative died of heart attack and
a friend and his wife were shot dead.

We never know what will happen next. Embrace each and everyday,
do our best, live and die without regrets.

Decisions, Decisions

Have just made another major decision yesterday.
Hope that this is the right choice.